The Sinking Market's Effect on Investment Funds: Litigation and Enforcement Issues Every Investment Fund Executive Should Know

Practices: Corporate & Securities Litigation

The financial credit crisis and economic downturn have given rise to a new landscape of litigation and enforcement risks for investment funds and their executives. On this teleconference, Ropes & Gray partners will discuss the litigation and enforcement issues that are affecting, or are likely to affect, investment funds and the practical steps that can be taken to prepare for these new litigation and enforcement realities. Our partners will discuss:

  • Is the SEC likely to bring claims against investment funds for alleged "imprudent" investing decisions, and if so, under which theories?
  • What impact will the Madoff fraud have on future enforcement actions?
  • What are the lessons learned from the problems at the Reserve Fund?
  • What are the private litigation risks facing investment funds that have suffered substantial losses?
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