Holding Ourselves Accountable: A Data-Driven and Human-Centered Approach to Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Practices: Analytics & Behavioral Science Consulting (R&G Insights Lab), DE&I Counseling and Investigations

The events of 2020 have created a sense of urgency and a demand for increased accountability in the areas of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI). While the renewed focus on DEI is encouraging, even the most well-intentioned organizations struggle to create sustainable and systemic change.

To examine how companies can use data and behavioral science to approach DEI efforts, R&G Insights Lab hosted award-winning NYU Stern School of Business professor and social psychologist Dolly Chugh on December 15 for a virtual fireside chat about fighting bias and advancing more meaningful DEI strategies. Dolly highlighted her extensive research on the psychology of bias and shone a light on how we can use social science to hold ourselves accountable—and ultimately build better, more outcomes-driven DEI strategies. Dolly shared insights from her book, The Person You Mean to Be (How Good People Fight Bias), which offers a deeply researched—and innately practical—guide to addressing bias in our communities and our organizations.

For additional information about Dolly, visit her website and consider signing up for her free monthly newsletter, Dear Good People.

This was the second in a three-part series designed to introduce you to how analytics and behavioral science can take your business and operations to the next level.


Zach Coseglia
Managing Principal and Head of Innovation

Dolly Chugh
Associate Professor of Management and Organizations, New York University Stern School of Business

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