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Compliance ReporterFeatures Interview with Investment Management Partner on SEC Shifts Towards Prudential Regulator

Practices: Investment Management

The recent establishment of the Office of Risk and Strategy by the SEC to better monitor market-wide risks and support examiners aligns with the “broader trend of risk management becoming a more regulated function,” stated investment management partner George Raine (Boston) in Compliance Reporter. In the April 22 piece, Mr. Raine outlines that “the SEC has increasingly been moving from being a pure market or disclosure regulator into more of a prudential regulator.” Further highlighting this trend are a number of recent regulatory initiatives, including the liquidity risk management proposal and the emphasis on cyber security, Mr. Raine continued. The new agency “should have a big effect on how [the SEC] look[s] across the industry from a surveillance perspective, and they will likely also tap into this group during exams,” cautioned Mr. Raine.

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