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Videos- Privacy & Cybersecurity Summit

Practices: Privacy & Cybersecurity

The Privacy & Cybersecurity Summit, hosted by Ropes & Gray, brought together legal, compliance and risk management professionals for discussions about the many rapidly evolving technology trends affecting businesses, as well as the methods involved in assessing, addressing and managing privacy and cybersecurity risks across industries.

We are pleased to share with you complete video footage of select presentations from the summit.

Navigating Privacy in an AI World

This video features Future of Privacy Forum CEO, Jules Polonetsky. 

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Latest Legislative and Rule-Making Developments Impacting Businesses Here and Abroad

This video features Ropes & Gray privacy & cybersecurity counsel, Kevin Angle and Ropes & Gray litigation & enforcement counsel, David Cohen.

In this video, our panel provides updates on recent developments impacting business decisions in the U.S. and internationally. Topics include:

  • New York Department of Financial Services Regulations
  • E.U. General Data Protection Regulation
  • U.S. State Breach Notification Laws
  • China’s New Cybersecurity Law

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Emerging Concerns: Data Bias, Algorithms, Biometrics, Connected Devices and More

This video features Ropes & Gray privacy & cybersecurity partner, Jim DeGraw; Citrix Systems Chief Digital Risk Officer, Peter Lefkowitz.

In this video, our panel provides an overview of emerging data concerns facing companies attempting to capitalize on technological advancements, and highlights ways to manage privacy and security risks while still capitalizing on the business benefits. Topics include:

  • Do you know what your algorithms are doing?
  • Bias in data
  • Government access to data
  • Risk in the cloud
  • Biometric data lawsuits 

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Data Breaches in 2018: Worldwide Enforcement & Aggregate Liability Trends

This video features co-head of Ropes & Gray’s privacy & cybersecurity practice, Rohan Massey; and Ropes & Gray privacy & cybersecurity partner, Mark Szpak.

In this video, our panel explores the most pressing legal developments in data protection and cybersecurity litigation around the globe. They also discuss key drivers for managing privacy and security risk in 2018 and beyond, including current class action trends in the U.S. and what changes to expect in the United Kingdom and European Union post-Brexit. 

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Top 10 Common Mistakes in Incident Preparedness & Response and How to Avoid Them

This video features Mandiant Director, Nick Bennett and Mandiant Managing Director for Incident Response Services, Dave Wong.

In this video, our panel addresses how cyberattacks can cause legal threats, and discusses the common mistakes companies make both before a cybersecurity incident occurs and when responding to one. They also explore best practices for avoiding those same missteps. 

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