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In Fund Operations, Investment Management Partner Paulita Pike Discusses Data Privacy Legislation For Funds

Practices: Investment Management Compliance, Data, Privacy & Cybersecurity

An Aug. 23 article published by Fund Operations titled “GDPR, Calif. regs complicate regional comms, blockchain development,” outlines how as the EU’s recently introduced GDPR regulations and California’s data privacy legislation has put data privacy higher up the agenda, fund groups are trying to formulate best practices and external tools for compliance, communication and blockchain development. The piece includes insights from investment management partner Paulita Pike. Although GDPR went into effect nearly three months ago on May 25, fund firms are still feeling out how their systems are being impacted by the rule, and what new technology they may need. “There is the concept of whether or not a firm is monitoring the behavior of an individual, and it’s another way that GDPR could apply to fund firms,” Ms. Pike states in the piece. “The more complicated and prolific the ties to Europe, the more likely it is that the firm is developing, or has developed, [additional] technology.”

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