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The Private Equity Law Report Features Insights from Asset Management Partner Isabel Dische on ESG

Practices: Asset Management, Private Equity, Private Funds, Sponsor Representation, Regulatory Compliance for Private Funds

Environmental, social and governance (ESG) strategies are increasingly popular with investors and fund managers, which has prompted the SEC to take more of an interest in fund manager practices in this area. In a two-part series, The Private Equity Law Report analyzes the SEC’s recent approach to environmental, social and governance oversight, and what it could mean for fund managers.

The first article published on Jan. 21 titled “OCIE’s Targeting of ESG Investing Practices in Recent Examinations and What It Means Going Forward (Part One of Two)” analyzes the SEC’s recent approach to ESG oversight and what it could mean for fund managers. The second article published on Jan. 28 titled “How Fund Managers Can Identify and Mitigate Risks From the SEC’s Increased Focus on ESG Investing (Part Two of Two),” describes the disclosure, operational and investment risks associated with ESG investing, and provides some key takeaways for fund managers to follow to avoid SEC scrutiny. Both pieces include insights from asset management partner Isabel Dische.

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