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In Bloomberg Law, R&G Insights Lab Explores the Value of Equity Audits of DEI Initiatives

Practices: Analytics & Behavioral Science Consulting (R&G Insights Lab)

In a Bloomberg Law article, a multidisciplinary team shares how equity audits can create necessary accountability for DEI initiatives.

Caitlin Handron, senior lab consultant and behavioral scientist at R&G Insights Lab, Zachary Coseglia, co-founder and managing principal at R&G Insights Lab, and Renai Rodney, litigation & enforcement counsel discuss how data-driven and human-centered equity audits provide insight into what DEI initiatives are being done (efforts) and whether they are working (outcomes).

The article states, “Equity audits are an organizational checkup to make sure efforts and outcomes are aligned. Done well, they are an opportunity to understand the health and wellbeing of culture and employees in an organization. If not done well, equity audits run the risk of becoming another check-the-box activity. As the evolving and not-so-distant field of compliance is learning, measurement of effort and processes is not the same as measurement of results and outcomes. Equity audits could easily fall into the same trap of assessing only what is being done and not whether it is working. By taking a data-driven and human-centered approach to equity audits, organizations can measure progress and move towards implementing solutions that actually work.”

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