Charitable Foundations: Expanding Your Reach

As a global law firm, we can help you move your philanthropy beyond domestic borders.


International giving by U.S. charitable foundations has grown dramatically over the past twenty years. Originally led by several large foundations, the trend has extended to foundations of all sizes as U.S. philanthropists focus on global health, international development, climate change, and natural and humanitarian disasters. If you want to take a global approach to your philanthropy, we can help you find the simplest path and successfully navigate regulatory and due diligence challenges associated with foreign grantmaking.

We’ll advise you on:

  • Requirements for grants to foreign organizations, including expenditure responsibility and equivalency determinations
  • Diligence requirements associated with international grants, including compliance with U.S. anti-terrorism rules and sanctions programs implemented by the Treasury Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control
  • Understanding options and requirements for international program-related investments and mission-related investments
  • Simplified options for overseas grantmaking, including partnering with a donor-advised fund or U.S. intermediary
  • Compliance with Foreign Corrupt Practices Act requirements
  • Governance, structural and organizational issues of U.S.-based organizations with affiliates or offices in other countries
  • Joint ventures with foreign entities