Charitable Foundations: Getting Started

We can help you develop and implement a customized strategy to launch your private foundation.


If you are in the first stages of developing your philanthropic plan and wondering about establishing a charitable foundation, we can help you assess whether a foundation is the right vehicle for your family or whether there is a more effective alternative. If you decide to proceed with a charitable foundation, we’ll help with:

  • Charitable foundation formation, including  whether to form as a not-for-profit corporation or a charitable trust, and the appropriate jurisdiction for formation
  • Application for tax-exempt status from the IRS, including coordinating with the IRS on all aspects of the application process
  • State charities registration filings
  • Training on the responsibilities of officers, directors and trustees
  • Best practices in governance, including managing conflicts of interest and introducing the next generation to philanthropy
  • Required and recommended policies and procedures

It’s not too late to get started. With our assistance, your charitable foundation can be established and funded quickly. Your foundation will generally be awarded retroactive tax-exempt status, entitling you to an income tax deduction for your contributions, as long as you apply for tax-exempt status within 27 months from the date you establish the foundation.