R2M2: Ropes Risk Mitigation & Management model

Global companies and investors face risks from many directions. New regulatory regimes. Shifting political landscapes. Disruptive technologies. Our Ropes Risk Mitigation & Management model (R2M2) provides a top-to-bottom assessment and solutions for mitigating those risks.


Sophisticated companies and investors encounter an ever-increasing, constantly changing and endlessly confusing menu of risks as they expand their lines of business, invest in new types of companies, and enter new geographic markets. But not every situation is the same and not every solution is the same. Our R2M2 model gives clients a tailored examination of business, regulatory and reputational risks with pragmatic steps for mitigating those risks.


Using our R2M2 model, companies and investors can maximize the value of their existing compliance procedures and diligence and create a consistent legal framework across areas of evolving regulatory risk. Ropes & Gray’s collaborative approach across legal specialties and geographies enables our clients to gain customized advice on their risk exposure from legal professionals who understand their business and the marketplace, and who use a holistic approach across the full spectrum of regulatory issues to provide a thorough risk analysis.

Global Anti-Corruption Survey, 2016 - Dow Jones & MetricStream

Virtually every stage of a business life cycle must be closely scrutinized for risk exposure.

  • Raising funds internationally or employees working in international locations? An analysis of local anti-corruption regulations is essential.
  • Selling products in Europe? Aligning global privacy policies with new EU regulations is mandatory.
  • Manufacturing in developing countries? Paying attention to supply chain compliance and human rights policies is fundamental.

These examples are just three of a myriad of risk mitigation measures that our team of Ropes & Gray lawyers can help companies navigate.