In CNBC, Megan Bisk Explores Employer Liability from COVID-19 Workplace Lawsuits

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June 22, 2020
Capital Insights.

As stores, restaurants and offices reopen in parts of the U.S. following coronavirus shutdowns, many businesses are worried about lawsuits from infected workers and customers. The next coronavirus federal relief package could include liability protections for businesses that would shield them from workplace lawsuits.

In a article, employment partner Megan Bisk (Boston) discussed how in most workplace lawsuits, it will be challenging for employees to prove they contracted the coronavirus while at work, rather than through other means, such as using public transportation or shopping at a store.

“The employee would have to prove causation. And they will have the additional burden, which they wouldn’t have in collecting workers compensation benefits, in proving that the workplace was at fault. That the employer breached some duty of care,” said Megan.