All Health Breaks Loose: The Impact of Democratic Control of Congress on Health Care Initiatives

Practices: Health Care

Teleconference Overview

Tom Susman and Elizabeth Goss, partners in our Washington, D.C. office, will provide an update on the potential impact of changes in Congressional leadership on a range of health care issues. The overview will discuss how the Democratic leadership may affect action in the 110th Congress on:

  • The structure and implementation of Medicare Part D, including federal price negotiation;
  • Medicare physician payment and other Medicare reimbursement issues;
  • Biomedical research issues, including funding, research priority setting, and conflicts of interest;
  • User fee renewal, drug safety proposals, and other Food and Drug Administration reform proposals;
  • Proposals to expand access to publicly funded research; and
  • Oversight and investigations regarding a wide range of health care topics.

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