What you need to know about the new Patient Safety Act's proposed regulations and related payment trends

Practices: Health Care

Many believe the U.S. healthcare system is facing a crisis. Responding to concerns around quality of care, patient safety issues, and costs associated with medical errors, government and private payers are modifying payment systems in an attempt to encourage improvements.

Congress has recognized that liability concerns may be preventing many health care providers from disclosing, and learning from, medical errors. The Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act of 2005 (the "Patient Safety Act") provides for the certification of Patient Safety Organizations and creates federal confidentiality and privilege protections for "patient safety work product." On February 12, 2008, new proposed Patient Safety Act regulations were issued.

This teleconference will discuss current health care payment trends, the new proposed Patient Safety and Quality Improvement Act regulations, and what these issues mean for providers.

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