Life Sciences Webinar: Canary in the Coal Mine: What Current Developments in Silicon Valley VC Financing Mean for the Future of Life Sciences and Tech Companies

Practices: Venture Capital & Emerging Companies

If you're looking to finance or to be financed in 2010, you should not miss this webinar! Join us for a review of industry trends and proprietary survey information that we have collected from VCs around the country, and for a lively discussion on these and other related topics:

  • Are we in the midst of an economic recovery? What will Q4 2009 look like?
  • Does our Silicon Valley Venture Capital community historically anticipate or lag behind other public and private financing rebounds?
  • Has the economic downturn created long-term effects on life sciences and tech-focused West Coast and East Coast VCs’ approaches to financing and the types of financings in which they participate?
  • What do leading life sciences and tech-focused VCs think the financing environment will be like in 2010?
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