Webinar: What Lies Ahead for the Health Care Industry: A Glimpse into the Post-Reform Health Care System

Although the process of passing health reform is far from over, the most likely elements of reform have taken shape and the scope of issues to be considered by Congress has been defined. The end result is likely to be the most comprehensive reform of our health system in decades, and will have a far-reaching impact across the health care industry‚ÄĒspecifically for providers and health plans.

This webinar is designed to help participants envision the transformed health care system in which your industry will function. Join us as our panel imagines a future in which such reforms have been fully implemented. We will provide information to help you identify the areas of most impact to your industry and consider how you can begin to prepare. We will also provide the latest on the status of the health reform legislation and the process likely to unfold on Capitol Hill.

PowerPoint Presentation

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