Webinar: "In the Wake of the WakeMed Settlement: Strategic Considerations for Compliance and Response to Enforcement Action"

In December 2012, WakeMed hospital system in Raleigh, North Carolina reached an agreement with federal prosecutors to pay $8 million to settle potential criminal charges and civil liability relating to billing Medicare for certain zero-day admissions as “inpatient” admissions. As part of the resolution, WakeMed entered into a deferred prosecution agreement, corporate integrity agreement, and civil settlement with the United States. While these kinds of serious global resolutions have historically been accepted by courts, a federal District Court Judge in Raleigh initially questioned the deal. This webinar reviewed the enforcement theory underlying the case, how the conduct at issue was uncovered, the regulatory issues surrounding the conduct, and the proactive compliance measures that WakeMed took to mitigate its exposure. This webinar also discussed the court’s reaction to the resolution and the broader implications of increased judicial scrutiny of criminal settlements in the health care industry.
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