Webinar: "Option to Purchase Deals: A Growing Trend"


Ropes & Gray partners, Steven Wilcox & Eric Elfman will host an MDMA member-only webinar, "Option to Purchase Deals: A Growing Trend".


A trend having a pervasive effect on life sciences companies, including the medical device industry, is the shrinking availability of venture capital financing for early and mid-stage companies. This has led many to wonder how this funding void will be filled. Venture capitalists and medical device companies have begun to look for new and creative ways to finance the development of their companies, extend their runway and generate potential exits and liquidity events at a much earlier stage than in the past and medical device manufacturers have been looking for ways to fund R&D off balance sheet in some cases. This has resulted in the recent increase in option to purchase transactions. These option deals come in many shapes and sizes, resulting in transactions that can become quite complicated and time consuming to negotiate and document. This webinar will discuss contract drafting challenges and tax, corporate law and governance, bankruptcy, antitrust and other legal and business issues that need to be creatively addressed to bring these deals to successful conclusion.
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