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Board IQ Quotes Investment Management Partners on SEC Seeking More Detailed Disclosure on Derivatives

Practices: Investment Management

In an article on the SEC’s effort to get funds to disclose more details about derivatives, the Oct. 25 issue of Board IQ quotes Mike Doherty, an investment management partner in the firm’s New York office.

According to the article, the SEC has been urging funds to be more specific about their derivatives use for more than a year. Last summer, the SEC sent a letter to the Investment Company Institute telling funds to avoid generic or long or technical disclosures that overwhelm investors with useless information.

In the article, Doherty is quoted as saying the agency’s comments “are really focused on disclosure that provides a laundry list of derivatives. They’re looking for something that seems to be more targeted. Anecdotally, you do get the sense that they are looking at the schedule of investments.”

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