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Health Care Partner Quoted in CBS MoneyWatch on Congressional Budget Office Analysis of Republican Health Care Bill

Practices: Health Care

Health care partner Tom Bulleit is quoted in a May 26 CBS MoneyWatch report that indicates that health care companies are among those concerned about the effects of the U.S. House Republican’s American Health Care Act.

Mr. Bulleit notes that health care providers are likely to perceive the proposed decrease in Federal Medicaid funding to be a “huge negative.” Commenting on the article’s observation that the Senate is expected to completely rewrite the House version of the AHCA, he suggests that a successful Senate bill would be likely to direct more funding to help stabilize the non-group health insurance markets, including more funds for high-risk pools for people with pre-existing conditions, continuation of the cost-sharing subsidies, and re-directing the tax credits that provide premium support to provide greater benefit to lower income individuals.

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