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In Bloomberg Law, Silicon Valley Attorneys Analyze Market Trends in Life Sciences Co-Commercialization Deals

Practices: Intellectual Property Transactions, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Life Sciences Licensing, Collaborations & Joint Ventures, Digital Health, Mergers & Acquisitions

In a Bloomberg Law article published on Feb. 10, strategic transactions partner Megan Baca and associate Georgina Jones Suzuki (both of Silicon Valley) surveyed and analyzed market trends for life sciences co-commercialization arrangements and found that there is a diversity of approaches taken by companies.

With respect to co-commercialization arrangements, the authors examine business rationales, summarize recent market trends, break down deals by financial size and provide negotiation considerations. They conclude that co-commercialization arrangements are valuable tools that allow life science companies to share in the financial risks and rewards associated with the development and commercialization of a drug product. The authors provide various approaches to negotiating co-commercialization terms to effectively close favorable deals.

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