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In Law360, Litigators Examine Asa Saint Clair Case as Cryptocurrency-Related Litigation & Enforcement Activity Accelerates

Practices: Cryptocurrency & Blockchain, Business & Commercial Litigation, Corporate & Securities Litigation, Technology, Media & Telecommunications, Securities & Futures Enforcement

In a Law360 article, litigators analyzed a continuing acceleration of litigation and regulatory activity in the cryptocurrency space, with several high-profile investigations, trials, bankruptcies and settlements signaling a broad trend toward greater scrutiny of platforms' claims of reliability and legitimacy.

The authors discuss recent criminal cases, including the sentencing of former securities broker Asa Saint Clair, and government agency activity that signal enforcers and prosecutors' emerging focus on false claims that a cryptocurrency product has outside affiliation to bolster its legitimacy.

The article was authored by litigation & enforcement partners Christopher Conniff, Helen Gugel and Amy Jane Longo with contributions from litigation & enforcement associate Conner Purcell.

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