C Suite

What is the C Suite?

R&G Insights Lab and Labyrinth Training have joined forces to produce one-of-a-kind compliance trainings that will captivate your staff, deliver messages that stay with them, and help them do their job as they navigate ethics and compliance risks.

Our Approach

Storytelling is a uniquely human phenomenon. Because our brains are hardwired to “encode” stories, storytelling helps us more effectively learn new information and retain that information over time.

Engagement & recall
A review of 150 studies involving over 33,000 participants demonstrated that there is significantly higher engagement and recall when learning from a narrative.

Familiar structure
Stories have a familiar structure, evoke emotions, and convey meaningful connections, such as relationships, motivations, and obstacles.

Unexpected humor
Research demonstrates that our recall is greater for humorous content. In other words, we tend to remember things that are funny, especially when unexpected.

We learn and retain information better when we are actively engaged with the material and have a sense of agency over the outcome.

Meaningful interaction
We place the audience in the driver’s seat at key decision-points throughout the training, making them feel engaged and responsible for the outcomes.

Actively engaging
Decades of research in education demonstrate that actively engaging with material can be more fun and memorable than the traditional, lecture-based style of teaching.

Unexpected honesty
The answers to the dilemmas we pose don't always have straightforward 'correct' answers—just like real life!